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Neck Problems & Whiplash

Your neck is jam-packed with nerves, glands, tubes, blood, and lymph vessels, and 48 different joints, plus your brain stem, spinal cord, spinal column, muscles, ligaments, tendons, fluids, meninges, and more!  It also balances your heavy head!!

Whiplash occurs when the head and neck are thrown or "snapped" back and forth very quickly.  In addition to the disc and other soft tissue damage, whiplash causes spinal column misalignment and irritation, stretching, or impingement to the nerves and spinal cord.

Other neck problems can be caused by poor posture, work habits, and even birth trauma.

Neck problems and whiplash can cause headaches, numbness, coldness, or "pins-and-needles" in the face, chest, arms, wrists, or hands.  They can also result in anxiety, insomnia, low back and neck pain, ear ringing, dizziness, hearing loss, eye pain, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, and other symptoms.

* Information provided by:  Ted Korean, D.C.  "Chiropractic, Bringing Out the Best in You"